Welcome – プチローズへようこそ

Welcome to Petit Rose, a small shop in old downtown Tokyo.

Take the Tobu Skytree Line, 10 minutes from Asakusa and visit the real downtown, at Higashimukoujima station.

下町の小さなお店 プチローズへようこそ


DownTown -下町

When you get off this station, which was once called Tamanoi, this is the real downtown …



Live – 生演奏

Live Grand Piano performances are held every Saturday.  The raw acoustic sound draws you into the small shop.
Not only jazz and chanson, but also real Argentine tango performances are rare in Tokyo, but you can find them at Petit Rose !

毎週土曜に繰り広げられるライブ演奏 小さな店に無理やり押し込んだようなグランドピアノ、生音にこだわった音響。

Humanity – 人

Petit Rose is  where people’s feelings of local downtown gather. You will certainly be able to make good memories here.